Dvojročné štúdium: Intervencia umením – arteterapia v procese socializácie, reedukácie, výchovy a liečby

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Informácie o štúdiu:

Akreditované vzdelávanie: 2 ročné štúdium arteterapie
Forma vzdelávania:
Dĺžka vzdelávania:
dvojročné štúdium v rozsahu 260 hodín, pozostávajúce z

Sochárske artterapeutické sympzium v Izraeali

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I.C.E.T. – The Israeli Association of Creative and Expressive Therapies

Tel-Hai College – The Training Program for Arts Therapists

Symposium: Sculpture, More Sculpture and More…

Summer 2013

“Like Clay in the Hands of a Creator”:

Sculpture as a Means for Therapeutic Intervention

Chairpersons: Tamar Hazut and Hagar Dornai

We invite the arts therapy community to a unique sculpture symposium, which will provide tools for utilizing varied sculptural methods in the therapeutic process. The symposium is aimed at enrichment and mutual learning, and will include lectures, workshops, and discussions.
We are honored to welcome guest lecturer and facilitator Professor Jaroslava Sickova, international sculptor and founder of the arts therapy field in Slovakia.
The symposium will take place on Monday through Wednesday, July 29-31, 2013
at Tel-Hai College, with accommodations at the Tel-Hai Guest House


Monday, July 29

11:00-11:30 AM    Reception, the arts therapy program building
11:30 AM-1:30 PM    Hagar Dornai: Opening and workshop on creating large sculptural portraits
1:30-2:15 PM    Lunch
2:15-3:15 PM    Lectures on the use of ready-mades:
Katie Frankel: “Language Distortions and Possible Conjunctions” – Work with ready-mades in art therapy
Orna Magides, Yehudit Shalev, and Shani Treisman: “Painting with Objects” – A therapeutic model including an artist, with cancer and combat stress reaction patients
3:15-5:45 PM    Choice of workshops:
Led by Katie Frankel
Led by Orna Magides, Yehudit Shalev, and Shani Treisman
5:45-7:00 PM        Check-in to rooms, rest
7:00-8:00 PM        Dinner
8:15-10:00 PM        Lecture by Prof. Jaroslava Sickova

Tuesday, July 30

7:30-8:40 AM    Breakfast
9:15-10:00 AM    Lecture by artist Orly Sever: Contemporary Sculpture – The transformation of the sculptural object, and space in sculpture
10:15 AM-13:15 PM    Learning workshop led by Tamar Hazut: Observation and phenomenological analysis of sculptural processes and products.
1:30-2:00 PM    Lunch
2:00-6:00 PM    Parallel workshops:
Clay workshop led by Prof. Sickova: “Searching My Own Shape”
Movement workshop led by Yoni Shor: “From the Basement to the Attic” – visits to rooms, movement between floors – work with packing cardboard
6:00-7:30PM        Rest
7:30-8:30 PM        Dinner
8:30-10:00 PM        Lectures: “Between Hard and Soft”:
Motti Makmori: Sculpture with wood and nails for processing destructive impulses – psychiatric work
Anat Ayalon: “The Strength of Softness” – textiles in the treatment room, work with behavioral disorders and selective mutism

Wednesday, July 31

7:30-9:00 AM    Breakfast and check-out from rooms
9:30 AM-13:15 PM    Parallel workshops:
Clay workshop led by Prof. Sickova: “Searching My Own Shape”
Movement workshop led by Yoni Shor: “From the Basement to the Attic” – visits to rooms, movement between floors – work with packing cardboard
1:30-2:15 PM    Lunch
2:15-3:15 PM    Lecture by Liora Zomer: Mirroring, Transparency, and Reflection – The use of glass as a material in the treatment process, risks and impact on the therapist-client relationship; work with a case of complex trauma
3:30-5:30PM    Workshop led by Tamar Hazut: The use of clay in processes of separation and release
5:30-6:00 PM        Summary and closure of symposium

Symposium Presenters

Professor Jaroslava Sickova

is an active sculptor, working in collaboration with her husband Jan (sculptor and sculpture instructor) in Slovakia and around the world. Prof. Sickova founded the field of arts therapy in Slovakia. She lectures, participates in international conferences, leads workshops, and has published several books.

Yoni Shor

He is a senior arts therapist and supervisor. He consults, teaches, and supervises at the College of Society and Arts, and conducts private treatment and supervision in Herzliya. Mr. Shor has developed treatment models and methods in the field, placing art as a leading language in treatment and training.

Orly Sever

is an active artist, working in sculpture and installation. She has a B.Ed. degree from the Beit Berl College Midrasha School of Art and an M.F.A degree from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Ms. Sever has exhibited her work in leading Israeli museums and at a variety of galleries. She teaches art in high school and at Tel-Hai College, and teaches art education at the Beit Berl College Midrasha School of Art.

Moti Makmori

is an art therapist and supervisor, and has served as chairperson of I.C.E.T. for the past ten years. Mr. Makmori has over thirty years of experience at the Eitanim Psychiatric Hospital, and also works in his private clinic. He specializes in treatment of borderline personalities, complex post-trauma, group psychotherapy for people with severe psychiatric disturbances, and art therapy with a psychodynamic focus. He has published five articles in Israeli and international journals.

Liora Zomer, M.A.,

is a psychotherapist and arts therapist, expert in treatment of victims of trauma and sexual abuse. She works at the Multidisciplinary Center for Treatment of Victims of Sexual Abuse at the Bnai Zion Medical Center in Haifa and in a private clinic, and serves as chairperson of Trauma and Dissociation Israel (TDIL).

Kathleen (Katie) Frankel

is an art therapist and supervisor, and teaches at the arts therapy training program at Beit Berl College Midrasha School of Art and Arab Institute. Ms. Frankel was trained in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, supervises art therapists across the country, works as an arts therapist with special education and at-risk children and youth through the Ministry of Education, and with adults in her private clinic. Ms. Frankel is involved in creative activity and writing in the fields of dance, sculpture, and photography.

Orna Magides

is an art therapist with many years of experience in treatment of children and youth at risk, and with children in the hematology-oncology department of Schneider Children’s Medical Center. She currently leads support groups for siblings of children with cancer and for bereaved parents, leads therapeutic workshops in collaboration with artists, works in a private clinic, and lectures at the Bitui College program in arts therapy.

Yehudit Shalev Amit

is a retired art therapist, after years of experience working in various departments in hospitals (Dana, Meir, and Schneider medical centers) and in special education. She currently leads therapeutic workshops that incorporate work with an artist.
Shani Treisman is a movement therapist, and teaches and supervises at the Kibbutzim College and at the Arts and Society College. Past places of work include children’s oncological departments and developmental kindergartens. Ms Treisman specializes in pre-school age children, and she currently works in a treatment center for children with behavioral disorders and in a private clinic.

Anat Ayalon

has an M.A. degree in art therapy, and works with children and youth with a focus on behavioral disorders, with families undergoing divorce, and with adults. She supervises both students and therapists.

Hagar Dornai, M.A.,

is an art therapist and psychotherapist, as well as a certified supervisor. She is director of the arts therapy program at Tel-Hai College, lectures at the University of Haifa and at Oranim College, and chairs the arts division at I.C.E.T. Ms. Dornai is an expert at counseling parents using art, through a unique model that she developed. After years of working in the psychiatric field, she now works with a diverse clientele in her private clinic.

Tamar Hazut

founded the arts therapy training program at the University of Haifa, together with the late Peretz Hesse, and served as its director from 1985 to 2008. She is active in I.C.E.T., in particular in the field of professional recognition for arts therapists. Ms. Hazut initiates and teaches at conferences, study days, and courses in Israel and worldwide. Her expertise is trauma and loss, multi-culturalism, and the development of the language of art through arts therapy, and she has published articles on these subjects.

NOVÝ ROČNÍK arte štúdia

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Najnovšie aktuality!

Z dôvodu veľkého počtu záujemcov o štúdium Inštitút vzdelávania v areteterapii  rozhodol  o  otvorení druhej skupiny v šk.roku 2013/ 2014.

Dôležitý termín podania prihlášok:  30.6.2013

Inštitút vzdelávania v arteterapii
otvára dvojročné akreditované štúdium: Intervencia umením – arteterapia v procese socializácie, reedukácie, výchovy a liečby

Inštitút vzdelávania v arteterapii pri OZ Terra Therapeutica ponúka v školských rokoch 2013-2014 dvojročný akreditovaný kurz arteterapie organizovaný formou 7 víkendových stretnutí a dvoch 5 dňových sústredení v rozsahu 260 hod.plus 10 hod.supervízia na záver kurzu, cena za celé štúdium  t.j 270 hodín  je 2000 euro.

Pri platbe za celé štúdium jednorázovo  je cena nižšia o 7 %.

Možnosť dohodnutia  individuálneho splátkového kalendára.

Dôležité termíny: 
Podanie záväzných prihlášok do 30. 6. 2013, vrátane motivačného listu, dokladu o vzdelaní a životopisu Ukončenie prijímacieho konania a oznámenie jeho výsledku: 5.7:.2013

Sprievodný list a prihláška: Aktualizovaná prihláška
Informácie o otvorení štúdia: Aktualizované informácie o štúdiu

Predpokladaný začiatok štúdia: september-október 2013

Kurz je určený pedagogickým pracovníkom, psychológom, špeciálnym a liečebným pedagógom, sociálnym a zdravotníckym pracovníkom, umelcom, ako aj všetkým tým, ktorí chcú využiť arteterapiu v praxi. Kurz sa skladá z prednášok a workshopov.

Lektori sú uznávanými odborníkmi vo svojom odbore:

  • Prof.PaedDr. Jaroslava Šicková-Fabrici, PhD., akad.soch.
  • Doc. PaedDr. Jan Slavík, CSc.
  • PaedDr. Evžen Perout
  • PhDr. Viera Andreanská, CSc.
  • Ján Šicko, akad.soch.
  • Doc. MUDr. Igor Škodáček, PhD.
  • Mgr. Andrea Orosová, PhD.
  • PhDr. Dana Kubalová- Paraličová, PhD
  • Prof. Vlado Labáth, PhD
  • Bc.Miroslav Huptych
  • Prof.Erich Mistrík, Phd
  • Prof.Ladislav  Čarný,akad.mal.

S odborným obsahom v predmetovej skladbe:

  • Teoretické východiská arteterapie, Všeobecná vývinová psychológia, Kapitoly z dejín umenia, Symbol a jeho význam v arteterapii, Poruchy detského vývinu, Vývin detskej kresby, Filozofická reflexia umenia, Náboženstvá a umenie, ich vzťah a terapeutický potenciál .
  • Metódy arteterapie, výtvarné materiály a média v arteterapii, Arteterapia a psychoterapia, Symbolika a význam farieb v arteterapii, Psychológia osobnosti, Výtvarná tvorba, Interpretácia tvorby frekventanta kurzu, Tvorivé písanie, Právne aspekty uplatnenia arteterapie v praxi.
  • Ciele a špecifiká arteterapie u jednotlivých problémových a vekových skupín, Psychiatria, Arteterapia s jedincami s duševnou poruchou, Diagnostické možnosti arteterapie, výtvarná tvorba a interpretácia vlastnej tvorby
  • Cvičenia skupinovej arteterapie, Modelovanie z hliny, Práca v kameni, Koláž, Diagnostika vlastnej tvorby  .
  • Kurz bude ukončený vypracovaním písomnej práce a jej ústnou prezentáciou pred kolegami a lektormi. Absolvent obdrží certifikát akreditovaný Ministerstvom školstva SR.